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VIP Club Booths

Club Booths & Couch Area

On Friday and Saturday nights, join us in the club area to dance to all your favorite hits! 


We have four large club booths and a couch area near our dance floor where you can gather comfortably and watch the action from a higher vantage point.  We do have limited availability and booths are often booked weeks in advance. Reserving a booth requires a guaranteed $200 minimum spend (includes food, drinks and/or pool table fees, but does not include tax and tip).


Booths #1 and #2

Booths 1 & 2 are located up on the platform and face the dance floor. Each booth will comfortably seat six people in the booth and two more In front of each booth (at the low 2-top table with bon bon seating). 


Both of these booths can be combined to accommodate larger groups. If combining, the required spend is $400.

Booth #3

Booth 3 is the corner booth and is the largest of the four booths. It can accommodate seven to eight people comfortably.  

Booth #4

Booth 4 is the booth closest to the DJ. It can only accommodate up to six comfortably. 

Couch Area

Across from Booths 1 & 2, on the other side of the dance floor is a platform area with two couches. Each couch can seat two to three people. This area is usually reserved as overflow, once the club booths are booked. 

(Fine Print)

A 20% gratuity charge will apply to all VIP Club Booths and guest tabs. ​Guests must arrive for the booth by 10 p.m. or we reserve the right to release the booth to another group.


Dates fill up fast so if you would like more information about specific dates and times, please contact one of our Managers at 248-652-8441 or e-mail us at  

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